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Natalie and the team have been looking after myself and my family for a number of years.  We keep going back to Natalie because she is a true professional.  Recently, I delayed initiating root canal work because I was busy and perhaps to a lesser extent, also because I am a bit of a sook when it comes to going to the dentist!  
The tooth in question, which has a crown, is fragile and became loose.  Eventually it had to be recemented and eventually even fell out once.  Of course, Natalie had already warned me and kept me reminding me at every opportunity.  
It is important to me that I can rely on the advice and workmanship of my professional support team and I am pleased that Natalie is on that team, looking after me and my family.
Linda at the front desk does a great job accommodating my difficult calendar, which is much appreciated too.  
— Peter Flannery, 2018
I was very nervous, but received wonderful treatment and sensitive support. Very kind people and I was very happy. I will recommend this dentist to friends and family.
— Paul, 2015
Laughter, music and dentists don’t usually go together, so I would highly recommend Smile Concepts in Sydenham, Christchurch for putting the smile back on my face; and Natalie and her delightful dental assistant provided the most pleasant environment to have my teeth repaired, and the result is brilliant and I am very pleased.
— Jeanine Bartram, 2013
I just wanted to take the time to thank Natalie, your principal dentist and the dental team for making me feel so at ease last night for my tooth extraction. I was extremely nervous but I have to say I experienced no pain during the procedure at all and none afterwards or today. Natalie and the dental assistant were very kind and caring and it made a huge difference. I will be highly recommending your dental surgery to my family and friends.
— Niamh Hayes, 2012

Hey, Smile Concepts, just a few words on my dental treatment from you. I was able to combine my dental check up and my hygiene visit on the same day and was very appreciative. The service was great and the dental hygienist was very gentle. A big thanks to Natalie and the rest of the team.
— Logan Smith, 2012
A couple of comments after my tooth extraction yesterday. I very much appreciated the thoughtful way in which you went about things. Experience has taught me the importance of the process by which I do things. It was soon clear yesterday that you went about things (for me) in a good way. I was also struck by your empathy for my situation. I know such behaviours are part of the training of most health care professionals, with you though, it felt real, something you actually experienced. Once again. Thank you. I will recommend your dental surgery in my circle.
— Brian, 2011
Hereby my appreciation for your highly effective and professional dental service. For ten years I visited several dentists in and around Christchurch complaining of the pain and discomfort my plate caused. They all tried to bend it, or take away some edges with no long time results. At the end, I lost the plate because it was more in a bag than in my mouth. I heard about you and made an appointment. From the first moment, your dental treatment was holistic. You made sure and went to extra lengths to ensure the plate fits well. For the first time I am able to wear the plate without any discomfort and be able speak freely without any fear that it will move. I highly recommend your dental service to all my colleagues and friends.
— Linda Fourie, 2012
Just wanted to say a big thanks for your dental service. I haven’t been to a dentist in a long time so was rather nervous, but you all helped me feel right at ease and was very surprised my tooth was able to be fixed right away in my lunch break! The banter while having my tooth fixed helps put you at ease. So a big thanks & wonderful service! I will be recommending your dental surgery to all my friends in Christchurch.
— Austin, 2012
Grateful thanks to Dr. Natalie and the Smile Concepts dental support team in Christchurch. While recently having full tooth extraction and immediate dentures fitted would not normally be a pleasant experience, I can almost say I found it to be the best thing I have done for years. I have regained not only my smile, but also my confidence. This made possible by the team at Smile Concepts. I am so grateful for the wonderful care and support I received from Dr. Natalie and Chrissy through all my procedures. I highly recommend the Smile Concepts team to all customers in and around Christchurch and Canterbury. While their methods and procedures are delivered in a very professional manner; all staff greet and treat you as a friend.
— Heather, 2012

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