Teeth Development in Babies

Your baby’s front four teeth are the first to appear and they appear between six months and one year of age. Typically, two teeth appear on the top and two teeth appear on the bottom. This stage, known as teething, is often accompanies by tender gums that appear red or swollen. Ask us on how to relieve your baby’s discomfort. 

At around three years of age, your child will have a complete set of 20 primary teeth. It is crucial that you take care of these first teeth, even though they will be replaced by permanent teeth later on. This is mainly because your child’s primary teeth hold spaces for permanent teeth and if the baby tooth is broken or lost, then permanent tooth will come out crooked.

Around the age of six, your child will start losing primary teeth. The process of permanent teeth replacement goes on till the age of twelve or thirteen. Around the age of sixteen, your child will start getting wisdom teeth and eventually will have a complete set of 32 permanent teeth. In certain children, wisdom teeth eruption is delayed till they are well past their teen age.