Impact of Dry Mouth on Dental Caries

Dental caries is demineralisation of the tooth surface caused by acids that are produced by bacteria in the mouth. Cavities are formed due to a prolonged loss of minerals such as calcium and phosphate. This loss happens from enamel and dentine. Such acids are washed away by saliva, which is the body’s natural defence against tooth decay. Saliva helps in neutralising acids in the mouth and puts minerals back into your teeth. 

A lack of saliva results in a dry mouth. Eventually, this leads to tooth decay and wear out. Moreover, gum problems also become prevalent without adequate flow of saliva. The most common causes of a dry mouth are smoking, high amounts of caffeine, certain types of medicines and illnesses that affect salivary glands. It is important to note that sugary drinks are to be avoided in order to relieve the symptoms caused by a dry mouth. This will lead to rapid tooth decay and also gum problems such as paining gums. We recommend adequately hydrating your body and your mouth with water. If symptoms persist, talk to your local dentist or your hygienist to understand underlying causes.