Benefits of Dental Implant Treatments

In our 4 March 2016 post, we discussed how your smile can be enhanced using dental implants that provide root replacements. Today, we will talk of six key advantages of using dental implants.

  1. Bone is preserved, and this creates a good appearance.

  2. Minimum impact on healthy adjacent teeth. 

  3. Improves your ability to eat different types of food. 

  4. Easy to maintain, just like natural teeth. 

  5. Treatment is long-lasting and reliable. 

  6. Cost savings in the long-term. 

If you have one or more teeth missing, a single implant will be used along with a single dental crown. For multiple missing teeth, we will use multiple implants with a dental bridge. If you have all teeth missing, a fixed prosthesis is the ideal method of treatment.