Q1: How often should I visit the dentist?

Regular visits to a dentist are essential for a successful preventative dental program. The idea is to detect any potential dental problems early. These dental visits are affordable and quick. If dental problems are detected late, they will be extensive and expensive. As a rule of thumb, our dentists recommend 6 monthly visits for most people. If you have taken care of your mouth by brushing well and have few fillings, then our dentists recommend a yearly visit. Even if you have dentures, you should visit your dentist once every 2-3 years to detect early signs of mouth disease. 

Q2: Is your dental surgery open on weekends? 

As of January 2016, our dental surgery is open from Monday to Friday. Please check our hours by clicking here.  

Q3: I want to make a booking with your dentist. how can I book?

You can make a booking with our dentist or dental hygienist by calling us, by filling out our appointment form or by starting a live chat with us. Our live chat window is at the lower right corner of our website. If our operator is away, please leave a message and we will get in touch with you. 

Q4: How do I know if I should be examined by a dentist or a dental hygienist? 

When you contact our dental surgery to book your appointment, please tell us what you are looking for. We will then advise you whether you should be examined by our dentist or our dental hygienist. 

Q5: Can I choose my dentist at your dental surgery?

Our receptionist will be happy to take your request. Please tell us your preference. 

Q6: My plans have changed and I need to cancel my dental booking? How do I cancel? 

Please call the reception at our dental surgery to cancel your booking. 

Q7: Does your dental surgery charge a cancellation fee? 

Our dentists are busy professionals and we are mindful of their commitments. For all bookings cancelled within 24 hours, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $75. Please see our terms of trade by click here. 

Q8: Do you have parking at your dental surgery?

Yes, we have sufficient free parking when you come in for your dental treatment. There is also on-street parking available.  

Q9: How do I know that you are following health standards at your dental surgery? 

Our dental surgery is in full compliance with all health standards recommended by the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).  

Q10: Are my patient records safe with your dental surgery? 

Yes, your confidential information is safe at our dental surgery. We follow standard security protocols to protect patient information.  

Q11: Are dental treatments expensive? 

The cost of dental treatment is subjective and varies widely. At Smile Concepts,  our dental services are affordable for our community and our dentists are committed to providing you with the best dental services available. Please click here to see our schedule of professional fees.

Q12: How do I pay for my dental treatment?

We have multiple payment options for your dental treatment. Please click here to see details.  

Q13: Do you use X-rays at your dental surgery? 

Yes, X-rays are an important diagnostic tool. We have a modern digital X-ray machine that shows our dentists many conditions that are invisible to the naked eye. Our dentists will also investigate any signs of infection or gum disease around your teeth.  

Q14: How often should I floss my teeth?

Our dentists recommend flossing at least once a day to clean between your teeth and under the gum line. Flossing helps clean these areas and prevents colonies of plaque from building up. This protects your gums, teeth and bone. 

Q15: Do you recommend electric toothbrushes?

Our dentists believe that electric toothbrushes will greatly improve your dental hygiene. You will still need to use the electric toothbrush for a full two minutes in order to achieve superior oral health benefits.  

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