Dental Examination with x-rays

You want to maintain healthy teeth as this is important for your dental health and overall general health. A dental exam is a good start to determine the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. Finding and fixing any decay in your teeth will save you a lot of pain later. Our dentists will undertake a gentle examination of your mouth and study the state of your teeth and gums. Each step will be undertaken in a step by step manner.

Dental Examination, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

Our dentists will then use x-rays to assist them with views of your jaw, teeth, sinus, nasal areas and jaw joints. We also have an intra-oral camera that will show you the state of your mouth and teeth on a screen. Our dentists will then check for underlying problems such as impacted teeth, bone problems, joint disorders, cysts, undesired growth (tumours) and fractures. If you have any concern with respect to an existing filling that you have, please let your dentist know.

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Dental Fillings

As a part of your full dental examination, one of our dentists will check to see if you need a dental filling in your tooth. In their initial stages, patients have negligible symptoms of tooth decay. However, with passage of time, symptoms such as sensitivity in the tooth, sensitivity while eating sweets, tooth ache or a hole in your tooth, will indicate that you need a filling.

Once your dentist completes your examination and finds evidence of a necessary filling, your dentist will clean the tooth and fill the cavity with a filling material. We have a wide range of filling options that are dependent on a number of factors such as cost and aesthetics. Your dentist will discuss your options with you and will proceed once you both agree on a treatment plan.

Dental Fillings, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

Please be aware that in the early stages of a tooth decay, it is usually hard for a patient to pick up on the underlying issue. Preventing a decay is an important aspect of your oral hygiene plan, so it is important you see your dentist regularly.

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Tooth Replacement

There are many ways in which you can lose a tooth. It can be an acute trauma like an unfortunate motor vehicle accident or a fall while playing a sport. There are also various chronic causes that lead to the loss of a tooth. Whatever the reason, tooth loss is an emotionally disturbing event for most people. The loss of a front tooth is an even bigger devastating experience as it has aesthetic implications apart from functional problems.

Moreover, when gaps are left between your teeth, the adjacent teeth will drift and tilt towards the empty tooth space. This leads to many potential problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and jaw problems. Thus, it is necessary for you to visit your dentist immediately after the loss of a tooth.

Tooth Replacement, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

There are many methods that are used to replace teeth. These methods are determined by the position of the gap, the size of the gap, the condition of the adjoining teeth and your overall oral health. Typical solutions are dental bridges, dental implants and partial or complete dentures. Your dentist will discuss all your options during your dental appointment and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from your mouth. Depending on your condition, it could also involve removing more teeth from your mouth. There are many reasons for extraction of a tooth. Some of the common reasons are progressive gum disease, decay of your tooth, broken tooth, crowded teeth and issues with your wisdom teeth.

Tooth Extraction, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

Our dentists come across many situations where patients are hesitant to have their tooth extracted. Depending on your case, alternative treatments could be available. If your tooth issue is identified early enough, your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment instead of an extraction. Whatever be the underlying condition, it pays to visit your dentist early for an early diagnosis and a treatment plan.

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Dental Hygiene Services

Our dental hygienist works closely with our dentists to provide you with optimum oral hygiene plans. All hygiene services are pain-free and affordable. If you have any sensitive area in your mouth, do discuss this with our dental hygienist so that you are comfortable throughout your appointment.

Dental Hygiene Services, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

Our hygienist is keen to educate you on the best way to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. Our dental hygiene services cover all aspects of dental hygiene that includes use of toothbrushes, dental floss and inter-dental brushes. Further, our hygienist will evaluate your gums to look for any signs of periodontal disease and record any changes in the soft tissues of your mouth. Once this is done, any plaque and tartar will be carefully removed, followed by scaling and polishing your teeth. We recommend that you visit your dental hygienist on a regular basis.

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Root Canal Treatment

There is a fine channel inside your tooth called the root canal. A single tooth can have multiple root canals. This area is made up of the dental pulp, with nerves and blood vessels. When the dental pulp is infected, there will be toothache or abscess. Historically, such problems in the teeth resulted in their extraction. However, modern dentistry has come up with root canal treatment that contains the infection and saves the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

There are various reasons the dental pulp gets infected. Common causes are decay, deep cavities and cracked or chipped teeth. Typical symptoms of infection are tooth pain, sensitivity to certain foods, discolouration of the tooth and swelling or pain in the gums. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit your dentist immediately for a check-up.

Once your dentist examines you and confirms an infection, treatment will commence. Depending on the nature and severity of the infection and your oral conditions, your dentist will require you to visit the dental surgery a few times for successful completion of treatment. Root canal treatments are mostly successful and the tooth will normally last for upto 10 years after treatment.

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Partial Dentures and Full Dentures

Our dentures will help you get your smile back. They will also help you eat foods that you enjoy and give you back your confidence. Dentures replace your missing teeth, and are supported by your gum tissues. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your oral hygiene, your dentist will advise partial dentures or full dentures. In the past, dentures were removable but newer technologies have ensured that dentures are fixed in place with dental implants. Further, our dentures cover only the minimum required space. This helps you with much better taste while you eat.

Dentures, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

Our dentures are customised to fit only your mouth and they will take the natural appearance of your original teeth. Please remember that your mouth keeps changing its shape as time progresses. Therefore, you will need to get your dentures aligned from time to time. Your dentist will be able to do this for you, and this can be normally completed in one visit. Dentures will also need to be replaced after every 8-10 years in order to ensure that they are correctly fitting you.

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Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth erupt only in later life and tend to be exposed to a range of dental problems. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. Due to their late eruption and space related issues in your mouth, these wisdom teeth can grow in an abnormal position. For instance, they can grow part out of the gum or grow into a neighbouring tooth. A tooth that grows in this way is also known as an impacted tooth. An impacted tooth results in various dental problems such as pain, infection, cysts or crowding of your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

During one of your regular visits, our dentists will check and tell you if you have a wisdom tooth erupting and the condition of such a tooth. Once your condition has been carefully assessed, your dentist will advise if you need to have your wisdom tooth extracted.

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Many of our patients are keen to have a pain-free experience when our dentists treat them. To help you be at ease and be pain-free, we offer sedation services. This involves the use of anaesthesia to keep you in a calm and resting state but still remain conscious of the treatment that is being rendered by your dentist.

Sedation, Smile Concepts, Dentist, Christchurch

If you have sensitive gums or any other problem areas, please mention this to your dentist and they will provide you a solution to keep your comfortable at all times during your dental appointment. We have different types of sedation that we use, depending on what the situation calls for, as well as your comfort and preference.

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